Information Technology Solutions for SMEs

Evolution Networks has specifically provided I.T. solutions for Small & Medium Enterprises since 2004. Using our wealth of experience and expertise working with SMEs, our team will evaluate your I.T. infrastructure needs to ensure the overall effectiveness of your business.

Services include:

  • Computer systems and network integration;
  • Utilisation assessments;
  • I.T. cost and risk assessments;
  • Maintenance and support contract management;
  • I.T. hardware and software licensing;
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure;
  • Intelligent storage solutions;
  • Server, desktop, network support & maintenance;
  • Online business solutions.

By sourcing and implementing the right I.T. solution for your SME, your business will be better placed to promote the adaptability necessary in a changeable environment through reduced duplication of effort, adherence to standards and enhanced flow of information throughout your business.

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