To ensure the overall effectiveness of your SME, our experienced team at Evolution Networks will work closely with your business to: reduce duplication of effort; adhere to standards; enhance the flow of information throughout your business and promote adaptability necessary for a changeable environment. Read more…



Protect your SME’s information and information systems’ confidentiality, integrity and availability. Evolution Network’s technically strong support team will recommend and implement the most effective processes to reduce the risk of unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction of your business’ information and its information systems. Read more…



Ensure your SME’s business continuity and IT services continuity by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime. Your employees and customers must be able to use business critical applications at any time, day or night. Our information technology experts will ensure controls and protections are in place to minimise the impact of threats. Read more . . .

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Australian Automotive Group

Our business is based throughout the Sydney basin reaching as far north (Brookvale) to the west (Blacktown). We have nine motor dealership sites with 500 computer users all utilizing various IT hardware and software.

We have had over 5 year’s association with Evolution Networks Pty Ltd, and throughout this time have experienced fast response to our needs especially in emergencies. Evolution Network’s wealth of experience and expertise in all matters of IT ensured that no job was turned down due to lack of knowledge and I have engaged Evolution Networks on consulting projects and again hit the mark every time with their recommendations and pricing.

Finally, I can say without hesitation that the key ingredient is Evolution Networks commitment to the job at hand and their total understanding of the needs of their clients in terms of future business needs, business continuity and risk management.

I have no hesitation in recommending Evolution Networks Pty Ltd for all matters IT.

Michael Minas
GROUP IT Manager
Australian Automotive Group P/L




WatervieW in Bicentennial Park

Evolution Networks has excellent interpersonal skills and an professional grasp of the technical issues. This uncommon combination of both technical and communications skills is hard to find. The level of technical knowledge and application, whether the problem is complex or simple, is by far the best I have experienced. Any company looking for high quality computer support for their users would do well by contacting Evolution Networks.

David Grosvenor
General Manager
WatervieW in Bicentennial Park




KAA Australia

Evolution Networks is professional, knowledgable and reliable. We have always been impressed with their level of knowledge and their ability to make everything so simple and stress-free for us. We have come to rely heavily on Evolution Networks for all our I.T. needs.  If you need a helpful I.T. company that is lovely to work with, I highly recommend Evolution Networks.

Catherine Giannis
Finance and Investment Manager
KAA Australia


Dockside Group


Dockside Group has had the pleasure of working with Evolution Networks for over a decade.  We trust Evolution Networks completely with our I.T. requirements.  The staff at Evolution Networks are solutions driven and humble.  They are always mindful of our business and we consider them as one of us and part of the Dockside Group family.

El Kwang
Director of Marketing & Sales
Dockside Group

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